Police Cops The Musical

A cinematic comedy blockbuster joyride full of grit, guns and uncompromising facial hair - featuring supercharged original songs, a live band and unique physical comedy mayhem!

Original 2021 Run

★★★★★ Clownster★★★★★ 'One of the best things I have ever seen'Comedy to Watch★★★★'Inspired lunacy'WhatsOnStage

Edinburgh Fringe 2022

★★★★★ 'The best thing on at Fringe 2022'Broadway Baby
'It takes brains to be this dumb!"'Stewart Lee★★★★★'Police Cops The Musical is one hilarious riot'Theatre Weekly

I composed an original score for the worldwide debut of Police Cops The Musical, a new musical commissioned by New Diorama Theatre, The Lowry and New Wolsey Theatre.

Full versions of my compositions will be uploaded here, and several clips from Police Cops The Musical are featured in my main portfolio.

Snow in Mexico

My brief for Snow in Mexico was to compose a song that captures the excitement one feels as a child on Christmas Eve - it features in the 2nd half of the musical during Jimmy's trip to Mexico.

Final Battle Sequence

Final Battle Sequence was written as a music sequence to underscore the action happening on stage. I was asked to incorporate themes from previous songs into this number and required very precise timings to ensure everything lined up correctly.

Am I An American't

Am I an American't is very much the defining anthem of the musical and appears several times throughout the show in different forms. The goal of this song was to make it so catchy that the audience wouldn't forget it.

It's Over/Sunny Day in Mexico

This was a collaborative effort between co-composer Bobby Goulder and I. In the show, everything has started going wrong for the main protagonists and the first half of this number was written to reflect this. The 2nd half marks a change of setting where Jimmy Johnson travels to Mexico, accompanied by Latin rhythms and dancing

I became a part of this project very early on in the creative process. Working with Tom Roe, Nathan Parkinson and Zachary Hunt (lyrics/book) I composed 10 original songs and several underscores with a distinctly 80's feel, matching the cheesy dialogue and cop show pastiche seen throughout the show.

Tom, Nathan and Zak had been hugely inspired by musicals like Book of Mormon and wanted the show's score to feel similarly broad in terms of musical genres, while also complementing their trademark Police Cops physical comedy.

I recorded, produced and mixed final backing tracks for use in the initial month-long run at New Diorama Theatre as well as assisting in direction of the live band in rehearsals. This run broke New Diorama's all time box office sales record.

The show has now returned for Edinburgh Fringe 2022 to roaring success. Selling out 11 nights in a row, being described as '...the best thing on at Fringe 2022...' and making Stewart Lee's favourite shows of the fringe list were just some of the highlights.