Main portfolio

Composing for stage

My compositions for live performance span genres from big band, to country, to classical - and pretty much everything in between.

Included here are clips from my work for Police Cops The Musical and The Starship Osiris, as well as two pieces that I composed for performance by The Royal Northern Sinfonia and Sacconi Quartet.

Composing for visual media

I was commissioned to score the latest Barbour campaign from Alexa Chung. My brief was to build an ethereal sound world primarily using string instruments with influence from composers such as Philip Glass and Caroline Shaw. The campaign was launched on 8/9/22.

Extended portfolio

Click through to see full versions of my compositions, project briefs and background information.

In 2021, I composed an original score for Police Cops The Musical - a brand new musical theatre production premiering in November 2021 at New Diorama Theatre.

In 2015, I composed and produced music for award winning Edinburgh Fringe show The Starship Osiris.

During my final year at Newcastle University I composed The Red Kite, a piece for chamber orchestra which was selected for performance by The Royal Northern Sinfonia.

After the success of my work on the Barbour campaign mentioned above, I was commissioned by the same advertising company to work on a campaign for Le Creuset. The whole concept of Cook in Colour was to appeal to a younger Gen-z audience, and the music needed to reflect this. 

I was commissioned to create an orchestral arrangement and produce a realistic sounding track as an intro to the cabaret comedy musical Summoning Sondheim, written by Grace O'Keefe and Jordana Belaiche.

Sometimes I like to give myself a challenge, both for the joy of it and so that I can improve my practice. In this video, I have rescored a trailer made for the 2016 war Drama 'Their Finest'. I wanted to work on creating a realistic sounding orchestra using sample libraries and improve my ability to time cues.

In 2015, I composed a string quartet which was performed live by Sacconi Quartet.

Sublime of Spring is a short film directed by Jules Deane which includes my original score. In this piece, I used several individual layers of piano recorded at different distances to create a mysterious, magical sound. Underneath the pianos, I recorded wine glasses tuned to different pitches, which added to the atmospheric, ethereal sound of the piece.

In 2019 I composed the original song I Like Sweets for Police Cops' award-winning original production Badass Be Thy Name.