The Starship Osiris (Willis & Vere)

Willis & Vere’s award-winning space opera gone wrong The Starship Osiris toured the United Kingdom from 2015 to 2019, ending in a four night run at the Soho Theatre.

I composed and performed 11 original songs, working with co-directors George Vere and Adam Willis

The show was a space opera meets comedy farce and my brief was to compose an epic - yet still lighthearted - piano underscore that fit both the intergalactic setting of the show and the specific contexts of each scene.

An extended version of a composition that featured in The Starship Osiris, performed here by Sequoia Sounds. Bossa Nova is the track that accompanies an early scene in which Evans, a bumbling crewmate who isn't taken seriously by his colleagues, attempts with little success to interact with the female crewmates. The scene sets a lighthearted comedic tone for the first half of the show.